Ideology vs. Science vs. Sciencism vs. Superman vs. ...

Sam Pawlett rsp at
Wed Nov 3 09:33:52 PST 1999

Mr P.A. Van Heusden wrote:
> James, if dialectics can lead us further by 'taking into account what is
> going on at the environmental and social levels', then how is dialectics
> better for this task than systems theory?

Dialectics is a systems theory.

James Farmelant wrote:

> The problem lies not so much even with the use of a reductionist
> methodology in medical science as with the ideology that holds
> that reductionism is the only legitimate scientific methodology.
> That leave no room for methodologies based on an emergent
> holism or upon dialectics.

But can both methodologies be true simultaneously? Using both reductionism and dialectics seems to be having your cake and eating too. Maybe a more pragmatist approach to truth could be used with multiple methodologies.

Sam Pawlett

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