Microsoft and Glass Steagall

Carl Remick carlremick at
Wed Nov 10 09:31:16 PST 1999

>From James Ridgeway's current column in the Village Voice:

"Judge Penfield Jackson's Microsoft findings of fact — quite distinct from legal findings — might turn out to be an economic blueprint for the next century, as observes, but more likely they'll be a blip on the economic screen, rearranging the chairs in cyberspace. Instead of the Microsoft Titanic, may be there will Baby Bell–like missile cruisers. One thing is certain: The Microsoft case itself does not reflect any real interest by the Clinton administration in a stiffer prosecution of antitrust policy. The government had to be persuaded to bring the case to begin with — partly by the writings of people like federal judge Stanley Sporkin and consumer advocate Ralph Nader. Far from constituting a road map, the Microsoft case is an exception. The true path-setting act of the Clinton administration's antitrust policy is the president's approval of the grandiose banking act recently passed by Congress, which allows banks and investment companies to merge with insurance companies and other financial institutions to form the greatest concentration of economic power in this century."


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