Lenora Fulani Endorses Pat Buchanan

Stephen E Philion philion at hawaii.edu
Fri Nov 12 11:37:24 PST 1999

I vote for original idea of Fulani was muddled. Nothing is the matter with Fulani, as one of the posts noted earlier, she is an entrepreneur helping out another entrepreneur. Money speaks no other language than money.

Steve On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Brett Knowlton wrote:

> What's the matter with Fulani?
> My previous impression of Fulani, although largely superficial, was that
> she is a thoughtful, intelligent woman. But this makes me wonder what
> she's been smoking. Perhaps she thinks she can "reform" Buchanan into a
> real progressive by getting minorities to join his campaign? Or is this
> just a sell-out, pure and simple? Or did I have a completely muddled idea
> of what Fulani stood for?
> Brett

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