Cockburn vs. Reed

Stephen E Philion philion at
Fri Nov 12 23:49:34 PST 1999

I'm surprised to hear about this criticism from Cockburn. Didn't you mention this issue in earlier articles? It seems like I remembering seeing it mentioned once or twice in articles way back (around the time of the "mothers" article )?


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On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Katha Pollitt wrote:

> I'm a big admirer of Adolph Reed (although I don't share his hopes for
> the Labor Party Advocates.) He's a real scholar, negotiates race and
> gender really smartly and without identity-political excesses (instead
> of just leaving them out, like the primitive "class is all" types ). And
> is really funny and sharp. I couldn't believe it when Alex actually
> referred to him in his Nation column as "that fool, Adolph Reed"
> (edited down from "that idiot, Adolph Reed.") Wouldn't catch him
> talking that way about Ron Paul!
> Katha

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