NYP, It's Writers (Future and Present)

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sat Nov 13 10:02:37 PST 1999

Jeffrey St. Clair wrote:

>Given Katha Pollitt's damning stigmatization of the NYP as a hothouse for
>rightwing blowhards, perhaps the listowner and mighty editor of LBO
>should immediatley renounce his plans [based on my preliminary research]
>to write a rotating column for Mugger's infernal rag?

Not a column. Occasional contributions to their soon-to-be-unveiled op-ed page. I enjoy reading NYP a lot, right-wing blowhards and all; I don't agree with Katha on that, but they've never called me a bubbly faghag (or kvelling Dutch boy) either. It's about 500 times more interesting than the Village Voice is these days; I'd rather be pissed off by something I read than bored, and the Voice is profoundly boring.


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