Cockburn and Race

Jeffrey St. Clair sitka at
Sat Nov 13 10:46:34 PST 1999

I don't know Alex's intimate thoughts on the subject of race. [Likewise, I don't know the ethics of Nation editors divulging drafts of columns.] I do know that Alex's current partner is one of the nation's top criminal investigators. She spends most of her time working on death penalty cases, three strikes you're out cases, drug cases. Helping defend the poor, mainly black. I do know that Alex and I have spent many hours together in North Richmond interviewing victims of the drug war, victims of police brutality, victims of Clinton's dismantling of the social safety net. I know that we wrote a book together that was largely about race, drugs, and the way the national security and police appartus of this country have exploited federal and state laws to incarcerate, experiment upon and put to death as many black men (and, now, women) as possible.--jsc

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Jeffrey St. Clair wrote:
> >Given Katha Pollitt's damning stigmatization of the NYP as a hothouse for
> >rightwing blowhards, perhaps the listowner and mighty editor of LBO
> >should immediatley renounce his plans [based on my preliminary research]
> >to write a rotating column for Mugger's infernal rag?
> Not a column. Occasional contributions to their soon-to-be-unveiled
> op-ed page. I enjoy reading NYP a lot, right-wing blowhards and all;
> I don't agree with Katha on that, but they've never called me a
> bubbly faghag (or kvelling Dutch boy) either. It's about 500 times
> more interesting than the Village Voice is these days; I'd rather be
> pissed off by something I read than bored, and the Voice is
> profoundly boring.
> Doug

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