Henwood vs. Cockburn

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Do you know who the 'Kevin Keating' who wrote this article is? He is this guy in the Mission District of San Francisco who got briefly famous last year as Nestor Makhno of the Mission Yuppie Eradification Project, which wheatpasted a lot of posters threatening to scratch the expensive cars and SUVs of yuppies who were parking where they don't belong. It's quite shocking, actually, how distinct the lines between the neighborhoods are. Valencia street, one block over from Mission, is totally filled with hipster stores, while Mission still retains it's character (and is a much much more enjoyable place to go to), yet the store owners are getting 50% rent increases etc.) Further west there are all sorts of expensive restaurants moving in. And to the NE, developers are buying up blue collar businesses and replacing them with expensive lofts that don't even have to pay the school fund tax. The SF Weekly and SF Bay Guardian are both pretty crappy. My housemate who works at East Bay Express says that Bruce Brugman, the editor of the guardian, is a total nut, so that's probably why there are few inspiring writers there. But anyway, the Weekly was getting so much mileage out of just writing about Nestor Makhno and his exploits each week, as though he were the only interesting creative person in town. I saw Keating at the anarchist book fair and he's smart, but he's into this artsy-fartsy 'situationist' stuff and he's a filmmaker, so he could be easily called a upper middle class person himself despite his income. I bet he's only scratched a few cars. The police raided his apartment and seized all his possessions. He said that he hasn't left the 2 square mile radius that he lives in for years and declares that the rest of the country is 'mayonnaise', which is a rather unanarchist notion.

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