Adolph Reed on "stupidity"

Jeffrey St. Clair sitka at
Sat Nov 13 14:48:17 PST 1999

> > Carrol Cox wrote:
> the point of the factoid has to do not with
> the reality of the Democratic Party but with its "image," which Reed
> (and I) would argue these voters are rejecting -- an "image" of
> being progressive in respect to race and gender.

To my mind this is precisely the kind of patronizing commentary that has driven so many people away from the "Left" and toward various outposts of homegrown libertarianism, populism and anarchism. To say that they evacuated the Dems because they couldn't discern "image" from "substance" is absurd. They knew all too well who was fucking them over and who had promised to "help" them but ended up fucking them over even worse.--jsc

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