Buchanan on Fulani

Peter Kilander peterk at enteract.com
Sun Nov 14 21:09:15 PST 1999

Pat Buchanan:
>"Now, let me say, I'm not and never have been a believer in the
>politics of envy. I don't believe we ought to take away the money or
>the wealth of those who have earned it legitimately. But I do believe
>the disparities in income in this country are becoming too great.
>They're becoming too outrageous, and that is not healthy. They are
>far greater in this society than any other democracy or democratic
>republic on Earth. That is not healthy.

Point one: Buchanan laughed at Trump's tax plan, saying it was a recipe for massive capital flight. Makes me think of the Hitler quote Doug has in _Wall Street_.

Point two: So where is he going to get the money to rectify income disparities? America's "foreign enemies"? That wouldn't be very isolationist of him.

Point three: There are other "democracies" with greater income diparities than the U.S.

Peter K.

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