Jose Rodriguez pepor at caribe.net
Sat Nov 13 02:51:49 PST 1999

Don't ya listen to the radio when you're in a traffic jam? One of the things I actually *miss* about the traffic jams in New Jersey were all those cool radio stations I could tune into.

My two-hour commute on the Parkway to school was how I found BAI and lefty politics - so driving can be a useful evil.

Here in San Juan the traffic is even worse but there's only one all-English station which is WOSO - CBS radio - which plays really outdated stuff like some man going on and on about the threat of the Soviet Union - the "Evil Empire" etc. It's really horrendous, but they do give good traffic updates. Yesterday I heard about the environmental devastation caused by the "recent" explosion of Mt. St. Helenas. Do they play this old, old junk up in the states?

Now, *that* willl give you road rage.

I always thought that if it weren't for cars radio would be nearly dead in the states. That's where I've always done the bulk of my radio listening. And here there are a lot of cars on the road (and long commutes) like in the NYC area, and a lot of talk radio stations (in Spanish of course) so I imagine there might be some connection. I am always reminded of this when I hear people complaining about how terrible it is that most people have to drive. (Although I hate to do it myself and walk whenever I can - it just seems like such a perfect combination: traffic jams and talk radio).


>Howabout being stuck in rush hour traffic and your car doesn't move for 15,
>20, 25, etc. minutes and your mind is going numb and when you finally start
>moving a honkin' SUV cuts you off and you look to your right where granny
>giving you the finger and your mind is growing more numb and you look in
>rearview mirror to see the fella behind you engaged in serious road rage,
>swearing and generally losing his tacos, and your mind grows more numb and
>your facial expression resembles Homer Simpson's when his eyes go off in
>slightly different directions and you enter a sorta zen-like trance and
>you realize you're parked in front of your apartment building and you have
>no recollection of the past hour?
>By the way, what does ROTFL mean? And has anyone heard of the phrase "green
>ink on the envelope"? Thanks.

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