Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Sat Nov 13 08:42:41 PST 1999

Speaking of Adolph Reed (whom I admire as much as Katha does, and for the same reasons), I'm going to be interviewing him on my radio show this coming Thursday, 5-6 PM NYC time, WBAI 99.5 FM. He'll be there ostensibly to talk about his new book, Stirrings in the Jug: Black Politics in the Post-Segregation Era (University of Minnesota Press), but I'm sure we'll talk about lots else besides. I suspect the topic of Alex Cockburn and the Confederacy will come up.

Also on the show will be David Spiro, to talk about his book The Hidden Hand of American Hegemony: Petrodollar Recycling and International Markets (about which I think Rakesh posted an enthusiastic review a couple of weeks ago).

The RealAudio link to WBAI appears to be working these days; you can get it through <>. It requires RealPlayer 5.1 or higher.


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