guns and nazis (was: White trash)

David Jennings [MSAI] djenning at
Tue Nov 16 10:28:56 PST 1999

Jordan Hayes understands things. Understanding is a strange thing, available only to the initiated. Many of us are not initiated. For instance:

I don't understand Eric Raymond ...

>Funny that you don't understand Eric's politics and yet you label
>him a "gun nut" ("too" ...?) presumably for this kind of writing:
(Jordan Hayes, October 15)

Daniel Davies doesn't understand American portfolio managers ....

>I thought it was interesting that you basically thought these guys were
>morons and yet you couldn't make heads-nor-tails of their decision
>making process.
(Jordan Hayes, October 25)

And now Katha Pollit doesn't understand the militia movement ...

>It's no wonder the "gun thing gets" to you; you don't understand it.
(Jordan Hayes, November 16)

And ya know what, NOBODY understands the Trinity!

Cheers, D

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