guns and nazis (was: White trash)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Nov 16 15:16:10 PST 1999

>> From kpollitt at Tue Nov 16 07:45:57 1999
>> The gun thing always gets to me -- the idea that armed solitaries,
>> or small armed bands of private citizens, can hold off the govt.
>> This is the militia idea ...
>This is *not* "the militia thing" -- the idea is that "the militia"
>is every citizen, and unless/until the government wages war on
>"every citizen" the notion of a militia should keep the government
>in check. It is *specifically not* an actual physical threat,
>which as you pointed out earlier, is difficult to support both
>ideologically and tactically.
>The slow erosion of even the _possibility_ of maintaining this
>implicit check by the gradual disarmament of the citizenry is "the
>militia thing" and is what turns support of a simple idea into
>fanaticism at the fringes.
>It's no wonder the "gun thing gets" to you; you don't understand it.
># "it's the militia thing, stupid"

Have Americans become progressively "disarmed"? As far as gun ownership is concerned, Americans seem better armed than ever. If the militia guys are so concerned about the U.S. government's repressive power, they should work to disarm the government! Stop the war on crime. Fight against imperialism. Abolish the national security state. *Dismantle the U.S. military*. *Call back all the troops stationed overseas*. Return them to civilian life. Spend on social services, not on police, prisons, etc. If they don't agree with the Left on these questions, they aren't serious.


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