guns and nazis (was: White trash)

Jordan Hayes jmhayes at
Tue Nov 16 17:36:16 PST 1999

> Have Americans become progressively "disarmed"?

In a sense. Certainly not in the sense of "number of units sold" but certainly in the sense of a) where it's legal to possess and b) what it takes to possess. There are now a large number of places where it's illegal to exercise the so-called right; it's a little like smoking: soon there will be very few places to be able to possess a firearm, even if you've jumped through the big hoops to get a concealed permit[*].

If you believe, like many do, that registration is the first step to confiscation (help me out here England, Canada, Australia, and Californians ...), the ducks are being lined up in that direction.

Interestingly (but not surprisingly) it's had an opposite effect on the marketplace: gun sales have gone through the roof with each new law. Also interestingly, gun crime hasn't risen with it, but of course you knew that already.


[*] One of the details about getting a concealed weapons permit is

that you can't let anyone know you're carrying. How you're

supposed to enforce the rules about where you can't carry

concealed is beyond me ...

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