Clinton - and Blair

Chris Burford cburford at
Tue Nov 16 15:04:03 PST 1999

>I think
>he had a real program in mind the first two years, but since Novermber 94,
>only opportunism remains
>Jacob Segal

There is a riddle here behind his successes and his weaknesses: I suggest that Clinton, and Blair, who has clearly been consciously influenced by him, make opportunism a scientific, professional method.

I sugggest this may turn out to be progressive for reasons other than the ones Clinton and Blair consciously claim. We should not judge them just by their conscious statements, or just berate them for betraying their ideas.

Their conscientious opportunist pursuit of the balance of forces accelerates the process by which the state adapts to social necessity.

"Changes dictated by social necessity are sure to work their way sooner or later, because the imperative wants of society must be satisfied, and legislation will always be forced to adapt itself to them."

Karl Marx, "The abolition of landed property -- Memorandum for Robert Applegarth, December 3 1869"

Chris Burford


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