Carter: Stagflation & the End of Keynes/Negri (was Re: Clinton)

hoov hoov at
Thu Nov 18 15:17:22 PST 1999

> Carrol:
> >Incidentally -- on the fuss that is being made over who is worse,
> >Clinton or Reagan: both sides forget that the whole program of
> >Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Gore or Bush is merely dotting the i's
> >and crossing the t's of Carter's administration. He started all
> >of the programs that have since ripened.
> Kevin Phillips (a smart populist and New Deal Republican) wrote in _The
> Politics of Rich and Poor_ (1990):
> ***** ...Jimmy Carter, the only Democratic president to interrupt the
> long Republican hegemony after 1968,
> Carter built foundations that would
> become full-fledged conservative architecture under Reagan:
> Phillips is right. The Carter administration signified the move away from
> the New Deal reformism & Keynesianism,
> Yoshie

Nonetheless 'new Dem' Carter disappointed his white southern brethren by appointing too many blacks to federal positions. After carrying every state of the Old Confederacy in 1976, he carried nary a one in 1980. Ah, the power of racism...

Ironically, sizeable number of African-American appointments, made in lieu of pushing for social programs, was result of 1976 campaign remark about preserving 'ethnic purity' of neighborhoods. Forced to engage in various attempts to demonstrate commitment to civil rights, he agreed to appointments in exchange for black political leaders giving him personal endorsements at televised press conference. Michael Hoover

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