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Dear people,

Today three women, including emperors-clothes writer Blagovesta Doncheva, were violently arrested in Sofia, Bulgaria for daring to take part in a peaceful protest against Pres. Clinton's visit here. Blagovesta was singled out for special treatment, apparently to punish her for writing the truth about conditions in free Bulgaria.

We called Blagovesta's home tonight but got no answer. Here is a report: --(jared israel)

An American civics lesson: free Speech in democratic Bulgaria by Madeleine Kirrcheva (posted 11-16-99)

Today, November 16, 1999, a group of Sofia citizens have gathered by the US Embassy to protest against Clinton's visit and the planned location of US bases in Bulgaria.

Only 15 minutes after the beginning of the protest a police lorry appeared and forcibly cleared the area dragging the protesting women on the ground and brutally pushing them into the lorry.

Mr. Stefan Sofianski, Sofia's mayor and UDF (Union of "Democratic" Forces) member, has forbidden all protests against Clinton's visit and thus violated Bulgariian Constitution.

The protesting citizens have been dispersed and three women have been arrested without justification. According to Article 39, p.1 of the Bulgarian Constitution every Bulgarian citizen has the right to protest.

The arrested women, Madeleine Kirrcheva, Anka Petkova and Blagovesta Doncheva, were detained in the police station N 1 from half past five till half past seven in the evening.

Madeleine Kircheva and Anka Penkova were then released. Blagovesta Doncheva has been taken to a hospital for mental diseases. Again the methods of the KGB are used in "democratic" Bulgaria - proclaming that dissidents are mad.

Please, support Sofia's protesting citizens by expressing indignation for Sofia Mayor's orders to your local Bulgarian Embassy or by writing to: Town Hall Address 33, Moskovska Str. Sofia 1000 Bulgaria


To read what Doncheva has written, see below.

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* 2 - Click on 'We here think it has been planned' or go to <http://www.emperors-clothes.com/articles/doncheva/donch2.htm>

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