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It is disturbing how many times I've encountered law (especially) or business students in and around UC Berkeley refer to Bell Curve oriented ideas as fact - (that politically correct liberals are in denial about) or seriously talk along lines similar to what Chip B. was mentioning - that Jewish int'l bankers run the world, trilateral commission etc. I could stop the conversation and try to force them to prove this to me, and return valid arguments as to why they are totally screwed up, but they would continue,unmoved, with this line of thought, saying that I just hadn't had enough experience in the NY business world so I couldn't understand. They didn't encounter these ideas from militia member friends either.

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>For those of us who actually want to learn some science, I have found
>Enrico Coen's non technical The Art of Genes: How Organisms Make Themselves
>to be a rather exciting book. An actual understanding of the complexity of
>developmental dynamics (see Coen, pp 224ff) makes the kind of crude genetic
>determinism propounded by the psychologists Herrnsteins and Jensen and the
>political scientist Murray seem rather silly.
>yours, rakesh

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