quote of the day

Eric Beck rayrena at accesshub.net
Thu Nov 18 11:46:42 PST 1999

...or as the NYTimes so squarely calls it, "Quotation of the Day." And this one comes from none other than the Times:

<quote>The new governing structure is "entirely civilian," the general [Pervez Musharraf] said, except that the military will monitor everything to correct problems that it sees. </quote>


It's been amazing to witness the country that so strives to bestow democracy upon the rest of the world give it's quietly enthusiastic approval to Pakistan's military dictatorship. Even more impressive is the blitzkrieg of propaganda the Times has contributed: rarely a day goes by without a fawning portrait of the thug Musharraf, or shocked--shocked!--findings of the corruption that had gone on under Nawaz Sharif. But because the military has started to demand the repayments of debt and probably won't change Pakistan's basic allegiance to the West, the US's silence is understandable.


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