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Katha Pollitt wrote in response to Doug Henwood:
>Radical america ran an article
>maybe fifteen years ago that made these points about overblown fears of
>kids being kidnapped-- hugely inflated statistics that overlooked fact
>that most kidnapped kids are taken by noncustodial parents, pictures of
>missing kids on milk cartons etc.

Not that Radical America (and btw hasn't that journal declined since it's glory days) couldn't have run a piece as well but I remember a piece in Socialist Review in the early 80's on the milk carton kids. On the Satanic ritual abuse scare at day care centers two books I think are good are by Debbie Nathan and Lawrence Wright. Nathan is the widow of one of the victims at the CWP "Death to the Klan" rally in Greensboro in '79. I've also seen her byline in New Politics and In These Times.( A good read on the CWP vs. KKK and ATF is ,"Codename Greenkil," by Liz Wheaton, Univ of Georgia Press.) Wright is a writer for the New Yorker. There was also a good PBS Frontline on a case in South Carolina a few years back which I think is still on the Frontline page at pbs.org

Michael Pugliese

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