Anti-semitic, anti-immigrant

Jordan Hayes jmhayes at
Fri Nov 19 09:53:52 PST 1999

> From Katha Pollitt <kpollitt at> Fri Nov 19 09:43:11 1999
> Similarly, That Jews are an "international" cabal, not "really"
> members of the communities and nations and people "among whom
> they live," is very old also, and still has a lot of life in it.
> (cf. gore vidal accusing American Jews of being a 'fifth column"
> supporting Israeli over US interests -- he would never call other
> US ethnicities traitorous for advocating particular foreign
> policies, no matter how ill-advised those policies were).

Doesn't some of this come from the unique place Israel has in this world and especially the US? Open citizenship for any Jew from anywhere, self-characterization of being a "homeland", etc.? It's interesting to note that joining a "foreign" military is a simple way to get your US citizenship/passport revoked, unless of course that military is Israeli. Dual citizenship, ordinarily a big no-no in the US, is tolerated for Israel.

I'm not a big an of nationalism, but Israel certainly has a niche cut out that's real and identifiable.

Plus, it's a perfect conspiracy theory: if it *were* true, you'd expect people like Gore Vidal to a) know and b) say so and people like Katha Pollitt to a) know and b) deny it.



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