Anti-semitic, anti-immigrant

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Fri Nov 19 10:57:35 PST 1999

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> Katha Pollitt wrote:
>>Without Christianity, I don't think anti-semitism would exist.
> So why is there anti-Semitism in Japan and Malaysia?

Katha's approach could be useful to determine only the "form" of "part" of antisemitism. But it is quite aknowledged that, as you say, antisemtism (or anti-immigration for that matter) is independent from time (history) and space (geography). The first jewish settlement in my hometown ,Rome, preceeds christianity (1st century b.c). And the roman jews were persecucuted already. My idea (sorry if it is a little bit "pomo") is that the jews well represent the character of "revolution" (I'm sorry but I can't find another word) : nomadism (being it forced or not). Nomadism is something that applies even when somebody is still (geographically).

Anyway, I find your question fascinating and very well put.

ciao, alessandro

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