Rudy to homeless: find a bedroom or you're under arrest

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Sat Nov 20 09:37:41 PST 1999

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>Here's Rudy's reasoning, as
> reported in today's New York Times:
> >"Streets do not exist in civilized societies for the purpose of
> >people sleeping there," the mayor said Friday during his weekly
> >radio call-in show. "Bedrooms are for sleeping." He added that the
> >right to sleep on the streets "doesn't exist anywhere. The founding
> >fathers never put that in the Constitution."

Wow, an almost perfect paraphrase of the law of France that as Anatole France noted in an earlier day, "the law in its majesty prohibits rich and poor alike from sleeping under bridges."

Hey, it's good to be the Sun King, eh Rudy?

--Nathan Newman

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