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Sat Nov 20 18:42:52 PST 1999

alessandro coricelli write:
>For what I know, it is not. The first phenomenon of antisemitism could be
>considered the way jews were treated in Alexandria (Egypt) when the city
>had been founded (Alexander the Great).

ciao alessandro, a minor point, but permit me respectfully to disagree with you here. there were jews in Alexander's army and jews were settled in Alexandria by Alexander himself and given "isopolity" with the Macedonians, according to Josephus (C.Ap.2.36). And the papyri show that there were jews who were "Macedonians."(BGU 1132 and 1151). According to Philo ( Gai.350) the jews in Alexandria were undisturbed from the founding of the city until the events of AD38. there is no evidence of "antisemitism" at the time of the founding of the city.

>does anyone know a good book about "anti=semitism" in the pre-christian
>world? Now I'm fascinated.

the best overall discussion i ever read is an unpublished 1915 columbia doctoral thesis by dora askowith "The toleration and persecution of the Jews in the Roman empire." unpublished, but you can get it at columbia if you ask at butler to have it brought from the annex. dr. askowith (1884-1958) tought in the evening session at hunter college (without tenure, for miserable wages & died in poverty) & was a mentor and dear friend of my aunt - who turned me on to her thesis when i wrote an undergraduate honors paper on the question of whether the jews in alexandria had "citizenship." (my conclusion was that some did, some didn't - and which paper i looked at for the first time in a very long time to respond to alessandro).

john mage

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