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My cousin Micki was a Sullivanian, and everything Katha says is true. But my understanding is that cult has broken up, in which case it could no longer be the base of the Reform party. At least Micki talks about it as if it had broken up, and there were a lot of her friends from the old days at her wedding. The custody battle seems to have been the beginning of the end. Like so many communes and kibbutizim, it foundered on the desire of parents to raise their own children.

Micki often talks about the past as if it were an embarassing dream that lasted 20 years. But as she once put it, "Look. I was an 20 year old that wanted to change the world. And here these people said all I had to do was never talk to my parents again and sleep with a different person every night. You can see how it sounded tempting." I once complained about my love prospects and she smiled and rubbed her legs together like a cricket. "Don't get me wrong, there were a lot things wrong with group. But one thing I can't complain about was my social life."

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