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Brett Knowlton brettk at unica-usa.com
Tue Nov 23 09:28:07 PST 1999

>> >according to the research done on college studients it is...slowly. women
>> >*still* say that a sense of humor and character are most important.

This is a double edged sword, you know. Imagine being a Brad Pitt look-a-like with no personality. You'd have trouble getting a date, or at least a second date.

>> Er, and that's to be discouraged?
>> Carl
>Not in my view. I would rather see men become more like women in this
>regard. They would be much happier -- after all, almost all men settle
>down with women who don't fit the beauty standard, because almost no
>women do! And think of all those middleaged guys who only go out with
>much younger women, and then complain the women don't know who Spiro
>Agnew was and want to have babies right away!
> Don't know many guys on the loose over forty who date women their own
>age, though. Went to an academic party last year that consisted almost
>entirely of middle=aged male profs and their young sweeties. It was like
>a father-daughter convention.

This stuff doesn't bother me. If young women go for older men and vice-versa, who cares? The problem is the asymmetries in wealth and power between individuals which make one person more dependent on/vulnerable to the other, usually the woman.

If we could eliminate class, innumerable social problems would be solved virtually overnight.


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