General status of gender relations vs. Quibbles

kelley oudies at
Thu Nov 25 09:30:57 PST 1999

if you'd bother to fucking read and understand my posts you'd see that we don't disagree verymuch at all. you're the one who insists on ignoring everything i type and contructing it as if i'm some kind of idealist phenomenologist. bullocks on that. i simply pointed out that, since i am from snow country, i know full well that there are many words for snow and that the idiot who came up with that claim probably came from california--berserkeley most likely. therefore, no shit, yoshie i don't disagree with you in the least since the idiot couldn't and didn't know about the wide variety of ways in which central new yorkers come to describe snow and rain which we get the most of in this gd country.

so tell it to a cushion please. and stop reconstructing all that i type as the foil against which you make your arguments.


At 11:56 AM 11/25/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>>>different kinds & degrees of rain & snow than others (for instance, compare
>>>Japanese with English), and to describe this kind of difference,
>>that's an odd claim. english uses adjectives to describe differences in
>>snow and so we have a ton of phrases to describe different kinds of snow.
>>whoever came up with that one circulated a big goof based on a
>>misunderstanding of how english works with separate adjectives.
>Now, I'd call it a quibble, nay, a perfect _cavil_. My point is simply
>about the distinction between the "social/discursive constructions" that
>involve oppression and those that do not.
>That said, the difference here lies not only between nouns & adjectives.
>The language makes meanings in social use, in humans making transactions
>(affective, cognitive, practical, etc.) with not only other humans _but
>also the natural & social world_. You live in Florida -- how "meaningful"
>for you are different names for & fine distinctions of snow? Are they as
>practically meaningful to you as they are to residents of Aomori, Japan? I
>suppose that you don't take this "social/discursive" construction business
>too seriously when your polemical urge masters your brains.

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