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Thu Nov 25 11:01:53 PST 1999

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> you're right. doug, you should wrap every lbo-talk message in
> concertina and implant a homing device in its butt, and while
> you're at it boobytrap the digests so that any misuse makes a
> critique pointing at the misuser ('smart rhetoric'[tm]).
> ahem. no, nathan, a .sig line won't automagically make people
> do something. but then again, nor does some fantastical 'open
> source' license that distinguishes between profit and not-for-
> profit, which iirc was your too-clever-by-half proposal. it's
> really pathetic what it does, by your Machtwonk standards: it
> suggests that people should ask first. 'radical' concept...


What is your problem? A half-hearted intellectual proposal is made and you make all sorts of nasty comments "fantastical", "too clever by half", "pathetic"

Since I had noted that Smith probably had a right under fair use to quote the stuff, you just seem to have some real bug up your butt with me. So what is it?

-- Nathan

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