The Trojan horse that 'started' a 79-day war

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Upon further examination, I see that you're right. I always knew Appendix B was part of the Feb. 23 agreement, I just didn't know it had been leaked before the bombing. It's pretty amazing that it took so long for anyone to notice.


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> On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Seth Ackerman wrote:
> > I don't think that's entirely true. The main body of the military
> > annex was leaked in March but Appendix B was kept secret until after
> > the bombing started. (In mid-April, there was a controversy about this
> > in the German parliament.) I think Oberg's analysis only dealt with
> > the main body, not Appendix B.
> Like I said, Appendix B is still up on the web as part of the February
> 23rd Interim Agreement, and I can vouch that I read it there before the
> bombs fell -- before the ultimatum was delivered, in fact -- because I was
> pointed to it by Oberg's PressInfo of March 18th. And he definately deals
> with the Appendix B issues in details in the Pressinfo titled "Read the
> Military Agreement." He didn't single out that the objectionable
> provisions were mainly in Appendix B, but that's the whole point -- he saw
> no reason to distinguish it from any other part of the agreement. But
> every major issue of Appendix B -- the complete control of airspace, the
> immunity to Yugoslav law, the right to travel anywhere in the country at
> any time without restriction, the right to build any installations, the
> lack of any of time for leaving, and the right of the mission command to
> change the scope of the mission at any time for any reason they thought
> appropriate -- all of that is covered in Oberg's PressInfo of March 19th.
> Give him a call. Since he posted it, maybe he can confirm that Appendix B
> was in fact part of the February 23rd agreement.
> Michael
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