The China Syndrome - meltdown in the movement (fwd)

D.L. boddhisatva at
Mon Apr 3 17:01:49 PDT 2000

To whom...,

Actually, I think China leads the world in executions by a large margin. They also execute for non-violent offenses.

Also, I've never spoken to anyone or read anything to indicate that any official groups have much independence.

With the Clinton administration and so many Republicans doing absolutely everything they can to encourage China trade, I don't understand how anybody can think of support for the PRC regime as a radical act. I don't see how modern China is much different from any other third-world oligarchy. A lot of regimes had radical beginnings. That doesn't count for much so far as I can see. I think big labor is (shockingly) on the right side of this issue.

China is heading down that darkest road towards capitalist oligarchy just as Russia did. Unless they complete their bourgeois revolution by instituting the rule of law, they will be ruled and robbed by a criminal nomenklatura. Organized crime clearly operates with some freedom there. Witness the ease and alarming regularity with which the "snakeheads" have sent people in container ships here to the Northwest.



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