The China Syndrome - meltdown in the movement (fwd)

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at Princeton.EDU
Mon Apr 3 18:35:20 PDT 2000

I don't understand how anybody
>can think of support for the PRC regime as a radical act.

Boddhi your post here is quite unclear. Do you it is radical to support majority foreign ownership in insurance, termination of foreign exchange requirements or local content laws for joint ventures, strict intellectual property rights, elimination of tariffs for high employment industries, full proprietary control over high technology. Are you saying that PMFN or WTO membership should not be granted so that the US (on the basis of EPI research) can threaten the PRC regime every year to give ever more on above fronts if it's to be granted access to US market. I understand above concessions may allow US to ease it current accounts deficit without having to itself undergo any painful adjustments, e.g., a higher savings rate. The US has been very good at passing adjustment burdens on to others, as even thoroughly bourgeois professors such as Robert Gilpin recognize. You think opposition to PRC regime's equivocation on above concessions is the real radical act? Please clarify what you are saying.

Thanks, Rakesh

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