non-commutativity in the brain

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Tue Apr 4 12:53:38 PDT 2000

`...The distinct final eye positions in Fig. 3 therefore imply that the final activities of the motor neurons differ, depending on the order of head rotations. There must be non-commutative processing between the inner ear and the motor endplate.'

3.) full article for those interested in reading more.

les schaffer



Could you send the article off-list (cgrimes at You must remember that any discussion of groups and perception sends me off to never-never land.

I love this stuff. In fact I wrote several reams worth on the whole plato/chomsky/numbers list binge, but after re-reading what I wrote I decided it was almost incoherent and would probably generate endless noise. By that time the exchanges had lost interest anyway, so I never posted them.

Chuck Grimes

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