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Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Apr 4 18:33:56 PDT 2000

>From Doug to Ken H.:
>>Klein is to the fashionable left as Calvin Klein to fashion.
>I disagree. I think No Logo is a very fine book, and she's very good
>on the radio.

On the strength of Doug's recommendation I visit to check out Ms. Klein's book, but I find out that _No Logo_ in hardcover sells for $26.60, which gives me pause. Meanwhile, I get lured by's marketing voice, "Hello, Yoshie Furuhashi. We have recommendations for you in Books, Music, and more." thinks I'll like _Ivan the Terrible_, _The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari_, _Grand Illusion_, _Man with the Movie Camera_, etc. Indeed I'd like _Man with the Movie Camera_, but the VHS format costs $25.95 whereas the price of the DVD version is $18.99. I don't have a DVD player. Feeling cheated, I decide not to buy anything.

no sales,


P.S. Ken Hanly says he bought his house at auction for 500 dollars Canadian. !!!

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