Is This a Parody of Pomo...

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Wed Apr 5 10:44:25 PDT 2000

Heaven 17. If first I want a Socialist Review from the 80's with something in it by Barbara Epstein.

john mage

I'll have to compare the time stamps, since both you and Curtis Leung, both guessed correctly. Haircut Bands Uber Alles! Hey I had my haircut once by a guy that cut Billy Idol's hair. Whatta sneer! "With A Rebel Yell!" "White Wedding!" New Wave Dreck and Kitsch, his band Generation X was good though.Somewhere on the porn newsgroups there are nude photos of celebs, Billy is pretty ugly! And the pic I saw was from late 70's, imagine him now! (Me, I'll take, "California, Uber Alles, " by the Dead Kennedy's, that Jello Biafra, also an announced candidate on the Green line, now that Joel Kovel has dropped out of the Green nomination race, if I don't vote for David McReynolds, will get my vote in Nov.).

Barbara Epstein, was one of their better writers. Socialist Register back in '97, I think, had a great piece by her on pomo and the left.

Send me, your street address, off-list, and I'll send an issue with Epstein, ultra-slow, 4th class book rate on Saturday. And Curtis too, like most of us, I have way too many old radical mags, esp. MR and Socialist Review. The downtown library has subbed since the beginning of both, and it is just blocks away, so it would be a good way to clear out a few inches in the book shelves, for the newer rags. Like the Spring 2000 issue of Science & Society I just got yesterday. Charles Brown and our other Leninists here, will be happy to see two articles on Lenin- one on dialectics, the other on State & Revolution, taking off from A.J. Polan's critique, "The End Of Politics."

Michael Pugliese

P.S. To John, Doug tells me your are Shane's brother. In a book edited by George Fischer of papers from the first generation of the Socialist Scholars Conference in the 60's, published by Oxford Univ. Press, around 1970, Shane is mentioned. Did he give a paper on psychedelics and revolution, doubtless outraging the uptight Old Lefties?

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