Bears & Crashes

Wed Apr 5 11:41:36 PDT 2000

>>is arguing that revolutions and other upsurges of the working class are
>>associated with economic upturns, not crashes. This is the theory that
>>working classes move more radically out of periods of rising

>i know that chaz darlin'. it's hardly a unique theory. i've written
>it hear before. many times. my point is that mr. remick named himself a
>"witting" corporate tool enjoying portraying everyone else as an
>"unwitting" corporate tool and, apparently, somehow deserving of their
>fate, i suppose. whathefuckevA.

Speaking as a wit*less* capitalist tool, I think this is a bit unfair. If you hung around these people the best part of eleven hours a day, five days a week, you too would experience an honest, virtuous desire, to see the market crash, simply for the human joy of seeing the fucking smiles wiped off their faces.

If only for a single day .....

Latest news from the Chase negotiations is that the family is trying to screw us. grrrrr

from the desk of the least deserving sympathy case in the world





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