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Thu Apr 6 12:07:23 PDT 2000

Doug Henwood wrote:
> Chuck0 wrote:
> >What's the pallor of the World Bank directors these days?
> My impression is that while the WB/IMF senior management is very
> pale, the professional staff is quite diverse ethnically, though
> still fairly male.

That would be typical of most organizations headquartered in Washington, DC.

I've heard rumors that Mamphela Ramphele, currently a lower level WB official from South Africa, is going to be made a WB vice-president. So in a similar vein, I propose the following fictional WSJ headline about the WB:

"Organization Screwing the Oppressed Struggles to Recruit Some of Them"

Fuck the Bank and their lies about our movement!

Capitalism? No thanks, We'll burn your fucking banks!

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