Michael Yates mikey+ at
Sun Apr 9 14:39:48 PDT 2000

Boy, that's like what we'd say when someone made a weak drive to the basket in b-ball. "Get that weak shit out of here!!"

Michael Yates

Doug Henwood wrote:
> A PS to my previous post, about the living wage/police brutality
> hookup at Johns Hopkins. Last night, I spoke at a fundraiser for the
> NYC Direct Action Network. There were many spirited and militant
> attendees. One woman was wearing a shirt that bore the slogan, "Fuck
> That Weak Shit," which is now a motto I'm applying to many things -
> like the "reform the Bank/IMF/WTO" position, as opposed to the
> shut-'em-down position. Anyway, the other speakers and most of the
> audience were very aware of the importance of drawing links between
> police brutality and the Bank/Fund/WTO. Maybe their analysis wasn't
> worked out at the most sophisticated level, but the common feature of
> the use of state power to enforce social hierarchy and the
> commodification of everything was something everyone was aware of.
> Doug

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