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Sun Apr 9 22:10:16 PDT 2000

Doug wrote:

> A PS to my previous post, about the living wage/police brutality
> hookup at Johns Hopkins. Last night, I spoke at a fundraiser for the
> NYC Direct Action Network. There were many spirited and militant
> attendees. One woman was wearing a shirt that bore the slogan, "Fuck
> That Weak Shit," which is now a motto I'm applying to many things -
> like the "reform the Bank/IMF/WTO" position, as opposed to the
> shut-'em-down position. Anyway, the other speakers and most of the
> audience were very aware of the importance of drawing links between
> police brutality and the Bank/Fund/WTO. Maybe their analysis wasn't
> worked out at the most sophisticated level, but the common feature of
> the use of state power to enforce social hierarchy and the
> commodification of everything was something everyone was aware of.

In my experience, the only people who insist that such things are not linked are those who imagine themselves sophisticated by virtue of a certain vocabulary -- and one that, <cough> ironically, doesn't seem to make the connection very often, or only when it suits their strangely crude aspirations.

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