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Note how "environmentalists" are classified as "extremists." Am I mistaken in thinking that the FBI is staffed by idiots? Mulder and Scully, where are we when we need you?
>FBI notice on A16
>For the information of recipients, the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
>World Bank will be holding their annual Spring Conference in Washington, DC
>(WDC), from April 11 - 17, 2000. Finance ministers from more than 40
>countries will be in town to discuss financial and trade issues. The
>conference will be held at the IMF and World Headquarters, which is located
>at 1818 H Street, NW, WDC.
>This conference is expected to be the target of significant protest
>activity. Groups representing numerous ideologies will descend upon WDC in
>an effort to voice their opposition to the IMF and World Bank. Anarchists,
>environmentalists, animal rights activists, right-wing extremists, human
>rights activists, and possibly unions will be in WDC to express their
>discontent with IMF and World Bank. The main group organizing anti-IMF
>protests is Mobilization for Global Justice (MGJ). MGJ has been identified
>as the group chiefly involved in the planning of anti-IMF activities. MGJ
>chaired by Nadine Bloch, who was intricately involved in the planning of
>anti-WTO activities in Seattle. The objectives of the MGJ-led activities
>were identified, and included disruption of business in and around the
>conference site; harassment/impeding the movement of the conference
>delegates (to include preventing them from leaving their hotels); "shutting
>down" the conference; and to gain national and international attention for
>their cause.
>An extensive list of targets has been identified by WDC law enforcement.
>Based upon rhetoric, ideology, and past targets, protest groups are likely
>to target entities that are generally perceived to exacerbate environment
>degradation, harm animals, use child labor, and exploit the third-world for
>the benefit of the "first world." The list highlights corporations and
>entities that are specifically implicated in the rhetoric of protest groups
>and have been past targets. However, this list is not all-encompassing.
>Entities that have similar business profiles should be considered as
>potential targets based upon several factors. These factors include
>international organizations that promote trade; associations that are
>perceived to be pro-trade, anti-environment, and anti-human rights,
>pro-biotechnology; banks; oil corporations; fast food restaurants;
>and clothiers.
>Law enforcement agencies in WDC are expecting between 40,000 and 70,000
>participants during the IMF/World Bank conference. There are several
>which could dramatically impact upon the number of participants in the
>anti-IMF activities in WDC. These factors could either increase or decrease
>the number of activists and account for the 30,000 range in the total
>estimate. These factors include the participation/non-participation of
>unions; participation of local scholastic and collegiate student
>other large scale events scheduled for the approximate time of the anti-IMF
>protests (Jubilee 2000, Earth Day 2000, Cherry Blossom Festival); and the
>participation of extremists (anarchists, animal rights extremists,
>environmentalists). These factors will significantly impact upon the number
>of participants, and the severity of actions undertaken by these
>Memo to World Bank Staff
>This is to advise you on further details concerning the security planning
>for next week's Spring Meetings.
>Local law enforcement officials will announce this week their plans for a
>police security perimeter to be put in place around Bank and Fund
>headquarters buildings beginning April 11. Staff should note that this may
>cause delays in automobile access to the Bank and Fund garages, as vehicles
>will be subject to search, and only individuals with valid IDs will be
>allowed access. At the request of D.C. police officials, all Bank and Fund
>buildings will be open only to essential staff required for the Spring
>Meetings on April 15, 16 and 17. Other staff should not report for duty
>during this period.
>Bank and Fund garages will be closed on April 15, 16 and 17, and personal
>vehicles will not be allowed inside the security perimeter; special
>arrangements for off-site parking and transportation will be made for
>essential staff and will be communicated separately to those concerned.
>Please note that the Credit Union and the Travel Office will also be closed
>on Monday, April 17.
>Staff must show a Bank, Fund or Spring Meetings photo ID to gain access
>through the security perimeter, and are requested to wear their ID at all
>times while on Bank or Fund premises. To ensure their safety and security,
>staff are advised not to wear their ID visibly in public places once they
>leave the security perimeter. IDs must be carefully secured at all times to
>prevent theft or loss, and any stolen or lost IDs must be reported
>immediately to the Bank Security office on 458-4489.
>We very much regret these inconveniences and will keep you informed of
>additional information as our planning progresses.
>Thank you for your cooperation.
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