this is progressive?

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Thu Apr 13 08:44:14 PDT 2000

"The anti-China rally yesterday has to stand as a low point in US labor history. . . .

Horse shit.

We have here a classic case of inability to keep the eye on the ball.

The ball is trade deficits buttressed a regime totally hostile to trade unionism, democracy, and human rights, which deficits diminish the standard of living of U.S. workers and which regime degrades labor standards internationally.

Labor's anti-communist rhetoric, such as it is, is nothing more than a politically opportunistic way of gilding the lily. Buchanan's obnoxious racism is no more than a sideshow.

Labor's campaign has zero to do with the history of U.S. militarism in Asia. All of the fulminations on this list have no connection with what is happening on the ground in Washington this week. There's an evolving movement, and you ain't in it. Tough. Either shape up or find a hobby.


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