Anarchists, Front and Center! was Re: this is progressive?

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Apr 13 16:30:46 PDT 2000

Lisa & Ian Murray wrote:

> Is Sweeney and Thea Lee telling Becker
> and Hoffa to shut the fuck up and start reading, say, Lance Taylor? Who are
> you to say who's in a movement?
> Ian

Lenin says somewhere (I think in Left-Wing Communism) that anarchism is the price the workers' movement pays for its sins of opportunism. Considering the racism and the wretched hungering for cheap popularity involved in the attempt of Clinton Liberals to shipwreck the embryonic Seattle Movement, our only shortrun hope is that the Anarchists do their job well.

This debate divides very neatly between those who believe the only hope of workers is the favor of sympathetic capitalists and those who believe that a mass movement is needed. I find it impossible to accept as sincere tears over the lot of Chinese workers. It is too barefaced an effort to keep activity under control by an appeal to jingoism. The Anti-China position provides a field day for conspiracy theorists. It seems designed to keep the energy of Seattle under bureaucratic control.


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