this is progressive?

Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Thu Apr 13 16:50:00 PDT 2000

Ian--I doubt if you or even Max realizes how seriously pissed off the average Steelworker and other manufacturing workers are at this time. George Becker represents hundreds of thousands of really unhappy campers. I very seldom do any pissing or moaning on this list---let me tell you we have got plenty to piss and moan about. Out there in your state, the Kaiser Aluminum debacle is just a little taste of what's going on across the nation. Even in places that never have problems there are serious rumblings about working conditions and the future of the workplace. These trade deals are killing us and personally, I don't care if we have to go below the belt to stop them.

We can have all the most wonderful alturistic motives in the world; that's not what counts when your dealing with corporate politicians. The only thing that counts is what kind of heart attack you can give them.


Lisa & Ian Murray wrote:

> mbs:
> Labor's campaign has zero to do with the history of
> U.S. militarism in Asia. All of the fulminations on
> this list have no connection with what is happening
> on the ground in Washington this week. There's an
> evolving movement, and you ain't in it. Tough.
> Either shape up or find a hobby.
> =======
> Well it should considering unions build quite a bit of the technologies of
> militarism all around the planet. Is Sweeney and Thea Lee telling Becker
> and Hoffa to shut the fuck up and start reading, say, Lance Taylor? Who are
> you to say who's in a movement?
> Ian

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