Production of Leisure/Leisure of Production

Curtiss Leung bofftagstumper at
Fri Apr 14 08:29:30 PDT 2000

Daniel writes:

> More generally, I think you and Hayek are going to
> hard pushed to come up with a principled distinction
> between having workers slack on the job, and produce

> Y units of output for X units of input, and having
> workers work hard, produce Y units of output
> for X-n units of input, then spend n units of input
> on producing leisure.

Am I completely off my rocker, or do I see a terse, quantitative economic statement of some of theses Raoul Vaniegem put forward in "The Decline and Fall of Work" from _The Revolution of Everyday Life_?

And to think there are people who'd write off the Situationists as left-Hegelians and not Marxians. Well dug, old mole! -- Curtiss

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