Media Cops!

Maria Gilmore Maria.Gilmore at
Sun Apr 16 10:01:57 PDT 2000

>From a story posted at the Corporate Watch website about the closing down of
the demostrators' HQ:

"The Washington DC Fire Marshall served notice on the Convergence Center along with some 15 undercover plainclothes officers and numerous uniformed police, according to Jennifer Krill of the Mobilization for Global Justice, which is organizing the weeklong protests. Krill said many of the undercover officers were familiar faces that had been present at activities throughout the week. "I actually escorted some undercover cops through the building who were disguised as media (earlier in the week)," Krill explained"

Just an observation, besides "Crap!" and "Hope there was some planning for such police tactics"...this might partially explain why, I've been listening to online audio news, talk, etc of various kinds all week and hearing reports from people in DC who were elated because they thought they were getting all kinds of big-media attention. Which I thought was strange, because I wasn't seeing gobs of coverage in any mainstream media out here in the Midwest, and I WORK in the media. It's all been All Elian, All The Time, which on Friday switched to The Stock Market Takes A Giant Dump. In fact, I heard a talk show host on KWAB question an interviewee in DC on his show on that very point, to which the guy replied, '"There's got to be lots of coverage, because we can't do anything without being surrounded by media wanting to know what we're doing." If they were indeed media people...

Maria, Just having heard of the mass (illegal?) arrests in DC just today...ah, the fuckers ARE going to play hardball this time...

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