Lagavulin was Re: Hundreds arrested

Max B. Sawicky sawicky at
Mon Apr 17 00:06:39 PDT 2000

Max, you should never have confessed to being teetotal. Helas, I drank the whisky. I did toast your health several times so the feng-shui might have done you some good. That's the only upside I can think of. Oh, and for being good sports, I've just subbed you and Enrique to the CrashList where you will get more news about the Great Crash of 2000, faster and with real-time Marxist commentary, than anywhere else on the Net.

Any other disappointed Lagavulin drinkers are welcome to the same alternative. Just let me know. Mark Jones

I'm not sure this will go down w/the masses. They want liquid nourishment, not more hot air. Re: the list, if all the indices go up ten percent this week, do you shut it down or retitle it the great recovery?


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