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Joe R. Golowka joegolowka at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 19 13:26:07 PDT 2000

I think the relatively good coverage from bourgeois media is primarily caused by the fact that police beat up and arrested many reporters along with protestors. They were treated the same way protestors were - badly. If the cops are going to start beating up the media the media probably won't portray them in a good light. I should also point out that a lot of the good coverage is related to police brutality, rather then the IMF itself. Most of the papers I've read haven't said a lot against the IMF & World Bank, but they've said plenty against the cops.

Chris Doss wrote:

> Hello all,
> The A16ers seem to be winning the propaganda battle. There is an editorial
> on page one of today's Metro section in the Washington Post, written by
> Courtland Milloy, painting the protesters in unreservedly flattering terms
> and lambasting the DC police.
> The piece is entitled "The Courage of Protesters' Convictions." In it,
> among other things, she accuses the MPD of engaging in quasi-police state
> tactics, e.g.,: "Better that the finance meeting had been held offshore,
> like other nefarious cartels do, than to reinforce the image of our nation's
> capital as some two-bit capitalist dictatorship." "So much for our great
> symbol of democracy."
> To be frank, I was expecting the Post to visit the rhetorical wrath of God
> upon the protesters. Instead, coverage has been universally sympathetic or
> even supportive. What is going on? Has the world gone mad?
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