Labor's Failure in D.C.

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Wed Apr 19 07:19:39 PDT 2000

Max Sawicky wrote:

> Regarding the Labor Party, at the 'wrap-up press conference'
> on C-Span held by Movement for Justice, they said the LP
> had played an important role in the organizing, and they
> had Tony Mazzochhi speak. So maybe the LP was more of a
> factor than evident.

Even though I think the permitted rally was pretty lame, it did provide an opportunity for the movement to get its message across, via talented speakers, to many people who were watching C-SPAN. I have a co-worker who is much more interested in this issue after watching several hours of the C-SPAN coverage.

> [mbs] I think I only said that once, so your patience is
> short. In any case, I still think, given the people involved,
> that "Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc" or "Black Bloc" is
> a little pretentious. That's not quite a denunciation. They
> also seemed a bit humorless. They should all read Revolution
> for the Hell of It and loosen up a little.

The black bloc did a fine job. I say that as the guy who coordinated the bloc during the first 2 1/2 hours. One of the important things we showed with the RACB is that we have strength in numbers.

I think you have to excuse the lack of humor. We were all pretty nervous all morning and we loosened up after we beat back the cops several times. It's hard to find your sense of humor when you are facing up against the coercive apparatus of the state.

Besides, we had our own personal police chopper keeping tabs on us all day. ;-)

> I was glad to see one of them carrying a sign that said
> "Read Chomsky".

We read him when we aren't building barricades.

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