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There has been a vigil outside of the DC City Jail, right next to the DC General Hospital (DC Armory metro stop), in solidarity for those still in confinement. There are claims of 156 people locked up in confinement there, and this was according to a Midnight Special lawyer I talked to there. I have heard that there are around 5 felony charges total, and that Jail solidarity was at around 90%.

About 30 of us stayed the night outside of the Jail, and when I woke up there were even more people there. Food Not Bombs, The People's Kitchen, some friendly neighbors, and others have been providing _lots_ of food and Catholic Worker has provided some blankets. It has been really festive, and I got to talk to a lot of people that were really supportive of the black bloc. From what I'm hearing, the US Marshalls are really brutalizing people, but once they got into the Jail the Warden was considerably nicer. I heard rumors that they were all under lock-down and are isolated from the main prison population. Midnight Special lawyers were to meet with the Corporate Council at 9 this morning, and I have not heard much more.

This vigil is expected to continue until all of the prisoners have been set free. I'm going to try to be there tonight, and I'm sure all of us there could use the company.

Sorry if this is jumbled about, I couldn't get much sleep that close to the police. - -- Jason Castonguay I teleported home last night

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