Mbeki pushes case of Aids 'dissidents'

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Apr 19 19:36:54 PDT 2000

> Looking for news about Zimbabwe found this.
> Michael Pugliese
>Mbeki pushes case
>of Aids 'dissidents'
>OWN CORRESPONDENT, Washington | Wednesday 1.00pm.
>PRESIDENT Thabo Mbeki has written to US President Bill Clinton and other
>world leaders defending an alternative medical approach to Aids.
>The letter to Clinton, dated April 3 and sent by diplomatic pouch, so
>stunned officials here that the administration restricted its distribution
>fearing it would touch off an international controversy, The Washington Post
>said on.
>In his five-page letter, a copy of which was made available to the daily by
>a US official, Mbeki makes an impassioned defence of California biologist
>Peter Duesberg, who theorizes that the HIV virus does not cause Aids and
>that AZT, or Nevirapine, does more harm than good in treating the disease.
>Mbeki insisted on his government's right to consult dissident scientists and
>accused unnamed foreign critics of waging a "campaign of intellectual
>intimidation and terrorism" akin to "the racist apartheid tyranny we

Duesberg says that protease inhibitors can't work, but they do...

Oh f***, oh f***, oh f***. The second coming of Trofim Lysenko...

Brad DeLong

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