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Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Apr 20 07:25:42 PDT 2000

>>> David Jennings <djenning at> 04/20/00 09:53AM >> (Are you serious,
> there is such a thing as 'Meanyism'? Am I missing something?)

Maybe we're talking about different Meanys. I'm talking about the guy in the middle of Gompers-Meany-Kirkland. I was under the impression (from various posts to my favorite listserv) that the AFL's asia desk was pretty much old school.


CB: Yup. Meanyism is actually Reutherism as it followed the sellout by Walther Reuther head of the UAW most powerful union in the AFL-CIO, at the height of union strength in U.S. history after the unionization of heavy industry. Reutherism was a necessary premise for Meanyism.


Here's an idea: i think that there will be alot of mobilization against the SOA this November. Lets agitate then and during the lead up to get a formal apology out of the AFL and ICFTU for cold-warriorism.


CB: Right on.


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